Adultery / Infidelity Investigations

Cheating Spouse - Infidelity - Affair - Emotional Affair

Morse Investigation Services utilizes patterned behavior as a predictor to future actions.  This well honed and often misunderstood investigation technique allows for consistent predictions.  When you hire Morse Investigation Services to assist in determining if your spouse is having an affair you can expect a level of service second to none.  Generally speaking when we receive a call from a client suspecting an affair they are accurate.

When suspecting an affair we find that Women have about a 90% accuracy rate and Men have about a 75% accuracy rate.

The best piece of advise we can give you when contemplating if you should hire an investigator for your concerns is to follow your gut.  Listen to that nagging feeling and determine if you are projecting your own guilt onto your partner.  It is possible for there to be an emotional relationship with another party of the opposite sex that is devoid of a physical activity, however this is still important to know.  If your relationship is on the rocks and your partner is having an emotional affair, there are major problems that need to be addressed in your marriage and marriage counseling is in order.

The affect of the internet on todays marriages is damaging to say the least.  With nearly unlimited access to porn, hookers, social websites, and websites designed exclusively for the intent to have discrete affairs, your investigation team needs to be well versed.  We have access to nearly every site on the internet with “faux” profiles that are able to potentially engage with our suspect.  The use of covert surveillance, digital media recovery, and text message recovery are all valuable tools that we have at our disposal.

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