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Our high standards helps to make us Virginia’s best professional investigation firm. In addition to being highly trained and having a unique skill set, our investigators are committed to their jobs. We won’t stop until you have the right answers, to help put your mind at ease. Even when warrants and subpoenas have failed, our team has been able to use resources and creativity to find the truth. No matter is too big or too small.


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adultery / infidelity

child custody


Adultery / Infidelity Investigations

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Richmond Investigator utilizes patterned behavior as a predictor to future actions. This well honed and often misunderstood investigation technique allows for consistent predictions. When you hire Richmond Investigator to assist in determining if your spouse is having an affair you can expect a level of service second to none. Generally speaking when we receive a call from a client suspecting an affair they are accurate.

The best piece of advise we can give you when contemplating if you should hire an investigator for your concerns is to follow your gut. Listen to that nagging feeling and determine if you are projecting your own guilt onto your partner. It is possible for there to be an emotional relationship with another party of the opposite sex that is devoid of a physical activity, however this is still important to know. If your relationship is on the rocks and your partner is having an emotional affair, there are major problems that need to be addressed in your marriage and marriage counseling is in order.

The affect of the internet on todays marriages is damaging to say the least. With nearly unlimited
access to porn, hookers, social websites, and websites designed exclusively for the intent to have discrete affairs, your investigation team needs to be well versed. We have access to nearly every
site on the internet with “faux” profiles that are able to potentially engage with our suspect. The
use of covert surveillance, digital media recovery, and text message recovery are all valuable
tools that we have at our disposal.

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When suspecting an affair we find that Women have about a 90% accuracy rate and Men have about a 75% accuracy rate.

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Follow These Steps to Win
In a Child Custody Dispute:

your child directly

have a relationship with the other parent

and after-school activities

parent (kill them with kindness)

clothing, or other oddities

appropriate counseling

No child should be subject to abuse, neglect, or abandonment

Child custody investigations

How to WIN Child Custody

This particular subject is close to our hearts and we can help you through this trying time. At Richmond Investigator, we have an extensive background with the Virginia Juvenile Court System. We have worked with many Guardian Ad Litem and Judges to see what is really going on when a subject of our investigation thinks no one is looking. We can help put an end to the pointing of fingers and crosstalk that drives the courts crazy. We understand the rules of evidence and what is needed to demonstrate to the courts what has been happening and how the child will benefit from a change in custody.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept every child custody case. All too often children are used as pawns or leverage in a divorce battle or even as a way to avoid paying child support. We are only concerned with the child’s best interest. If your top priority is not your child’s best interest then please do not waste our time or yours. We service all of Virginia’s court systems, however we practice primarily in the Richmond, Virginia. Follow this link to find out more about the Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Courts.

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Criminal Investigations

Criminal Defense

We can serve an essential role in your criminal defense investigation. In most cases, our role is to find witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt. This will aid in the essential task of showing the jury that there is reason to believe that the defendant is not actually responsible for committing the crime.

During the course of the criminal defense investigation, we will go through routine reports from police, everyday paperwork, copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements that relate to the case. Our goal is to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next and determine how these inconsistencies might aid your case.

We can also assist in selecting a Jury. Just prior to your trial the Courts release a list of elegible Jurors for your trial. We can take that list of names and determine everything from age, race, children, income level, and other essential information that may secretly bias a Jury member against your case.

The District Attorney has the resources of dozens of detectives and almost endless funds to prosecute a case.

You need a qualified and experienced team on your side to help provide reasonable doubt Contact us now!

build an effective criminal defense strategy:

Your life and liberty are at stake. A good attorney will work to understand your needs during this time and also allow you to assess the likelihood of conviction.


The police will not focus on finding exculpatory evidence for you or your case. You need to do your own homework. A reliable private investigator provides tremendous help in this process

A jury trial is akin to competitive storytelling. The side that presents the more believable story usually wins. On the basis of the evidence, your attorney may create or adopt a theme or theory that provides an alternative way of viewing the facts.

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